There is no better way to provide construction cleaning services than with a highly trained and certified work team. We have a fairly large staff that can handle jobs from new developments, commercial and residential renovations. Our work metric varies depending on the client, size and business.

Our team of specialists are highly professional and stand out for being meticulous and detailed in each job, always with the aim of providing the best service. We seek to provide confidence and peace of mind to our clients, that is why when we receive a reservation in any of our services, we respond within a period of no more than 24 hours after the service is requested. Cleaning services are fully customized for each site, providing work equipment, labour, and cleaning products.

Our cleaning products are totally Eco-Friendly with the environment, in addition to which we guarantee our clients that they are adequate depending on their needs, avoiding damage to their facilities or work area.


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Remove all construction
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Dust removal from ceiling
pipes, duct work, vents, light
fixtures, etc.
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Tain removal, scrubbing,
dusting and vacuuming of all
surfaces including trim work
and office furniture.
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Full sanitizing of kitchens and
bathrooms to make them ready
for your use.
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Scrub floors and tiles polish
stainless steel, wipe walls
and more.
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Cleaning window sills and
frames, window and glass
cleaning including scraping and
etching removal.



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